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Although time passes there are things that remain untouched, as in the case of Dodo’s Chicken Restaurant, which despite having its doors open from 1993, its season, freshness and delight are the same as those early days. The reason for this is because each food and roast chicken are the priority of each day, working with love, professionalism, caring original recipes and serving its distinguished clientele with charisma always.
During these decades it has retained the “flavor of our” with the prompt service that appeals to both American as well as Latino and every day the restaurant is visited by all kinds of people, ages and nationalities.
The roast chicken is not competent as their juiciness, perfect roast term, freshness and flavor are unique !! Customers usually see him turn impacts the chickens in the coal oven and be amazed that cooking is about two hours, unlike other chickens roasted in less than half of that time are ready for consumption, the difference is noticeable in the first bite.

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