Our Mission:

To satisfy the gastronomic needs of our clients, offering grilled chicken with its complements and services with the highest quality, where the expectations of our clients are exceeded and be a work space that allows the personal fulfillment and development of our team members  in the group.


"To be the best restaurant at regional and state level." To be recognized and preferred as an original, solid and professional work group, offering customer food options always with the highest quality, flavor and freshness that go hand in hand with a excellent experience and pleasing the taste of the consumer through constant innovation. 


 o Quality : what we do, we do it well. 

o Passion : for what we do, mindfully from the heart. 

o Collaboration : service attitude all the time. 

o Respect : for the company, for colleagues and for our guests. 

o Consciousness and sustainability : to do everything possible not to damage the environment. 

o Innovation and excellence : constant thought of value for our clients in an innovative way and with excellence in service and quality. 

o Discipline : commitment to the client and the company's goals. 

o Sociability : have excellent personal relationships among all those who incorporate our company, highlighting above all the respect, the attitude of service and empathy with the environment.