Chicken and Rice: A Legendary Delicacy

Chicken and Rice: A Legendary Delicacy

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The combination of chicken and rice is common in Latin America and Spain. It does not have a clearly known origin, but every country, region, chef and even every mother or housewife has several ways to prepare it.

Rice, according to several historical speculations, started to be cultivated in China, more than 9,000 years ago. It was then taken to Persia 500 years B.C. and to India 320 years B.C. Alexander the Great could try it, being the first European to try it, as far as it is known. When Rome became the biggest empire, rice was commonly imported from Asia, and it was considered as fancy and exotic product, with medicinal properties.

It is a versatile food, as it matches very well with almost everything you mix with it. From vegetables to meat, from sauces to sweet milk, the possibilities are many. In the case of America, as many cultures coexist in the country, there are several recipes available, mostly in Asian, Spanish and Latin restaurants, but chicken and rice, together, are highly appreciated. It is known, for example, that president Frankiln Delano Roosevelt was a great fan of this delicious combination.

At Dodo´s Chicken, our recipe celebrates the traditional Colombian seasoning and also reaches a very special quality that captures the essence of the taste that home food and international cuisine, together, have. That “X” factor makes our chicken with yellow rice specially appetizing, nice to look at and even better to enjoy. So next time you visit us, or when you order to enjoy a great meal at home, don´t miss the opportunity to try our chicken with yellow rice. You´ll love it!