Gains in Well-being Through Consumption of Rice and Beans

Gains in Well-being Through Consumption of Rice and Beans

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When it comes to Fresh Colombian cuisine, rice and beans are a traditional side with lots of flavor. Eating at Dodos Chicken provides essential nutrients as well.

Nutritionists and dietitians agree on the health advantages of rice and beans. Rice, beans, and other offerings are full of nutrients needed for a healthy diet — and that’s even more reason to check out our side orders!

Rice and Beans Both Contain High Amounts of Protein

A noteworthy advantage of rice and beans is the high amount of protein they deliver. An individual cup of these two sides offers approximately 12 grams of plant-based protein. The combination of amino acids from the two sides creates complete proteins.

Many individuals do not ingest an adequate amount of complete proteins in their meals. If one consumes ample amounts of rice and beans, they can acquire lean protein. Increasing protein intake can aid in the creation of muscle mass and keeping up a sound weight. These sides are an ideal selection if you are in search of a healthy protein source without saturated fats or animal items!

Containing a High Amount of Fibers to Assist in Digestion

Consuming fiber is beneficial to your digestive system. This nutrient helps you process food and maintain regularity. Additionally, it can help keep your blood sugar levels in check and provide a positive impact on your gut health. Rice and beans are a fine source of fiber, offering 10 grams per cup.

If you have difficulty with bowel irregularity, high or low blood sugar, or an unhealthy gastrointestinal system, then there is good news. Eating more rice and beans can help to alleviate digestion problems, normalize blood sugar, and keep one feeling satiated after a meal.

Packed with Antioxidants (That Guard You!)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is aided by consuming antioxidants which help combat the aging process and ward off cell damage caused by free radicals. If a person does not have enough antioxidants in their system, they are at risk of developing serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Beans, such as black, kidney, and pinto, are an excellent source of antioxidants in a single serving. When considering where to eat, one should also remember the potential health advantages of antioxidants, which is a major benefit of bean consumption.

Keeping Your Weight Within a Healthy Range


When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, the satiety factor of rice and beans can be beneficial. Satiety is a measure of how filling a food item can be and how long it will keep you full. Increasing the amount of food that is satisfying and keeps you full for longer periods of time can help reduce unnecessary snacking, and thereby lower the amount of calories consumed throughout the day for improved health.

These popular side dishes are excellent for weight loss due to their high fiber content and their ability to make you feel full. If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, consider adding them to your meals.

Enjoy the Healthy Advantages of Rice and Beans at Dodos Chicken

Discovering the nutritional value of beans and rice? Don’t delay, take advantage of them right away! At Dodos Chicken, we offer delicious and hot meals for the whole family.

So, invite your loved ones and come to Dodos to eat up!