Sugar Caramelized Plantains

Sugar Caramelized Plantains

Sugar Caramelized Plantains are a dessert or sweet accompaniment that goes well with savory Latin dishes such as Arroz Con Pollo, Lechon Asado, and black beans and rice.

– The dish is made by peeling the plantains, making three shallow slits along the seams of the skin, and splitting them lengthwise.

– The plantains are then fried in a large skillet with butter over medium-low heat to prevent burning due to their high sugar content.

– After being fried until golden on the bottom, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar are added to the plantains to begin caramelizing the sugar.

– Just before serving, the sauce is finished by melting the remaining tablespoon of butter. Serve immediately for best results.

The caramelized plantains with sugar are a great option to accompany our roast chicken.


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