The Right Seasoning for Chicken

The Right Seasoning for Chicken

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We are known because of the quality and excellent flavor of our chicken in all of the recipes we offer. Every restaurant has a distinctive characteristic and every customer has their own preferences, of course, but, in terms of chicken, we all agree that poultry is one of the most popular food sources, and chicken is delicious in all of its gastronomic possibilities.

In general, the term seasoning refers to the pleasant sensations produced by the taste or flavor food has. But there is more to it, as factors such as the right time, the sense of opportunity, the status and the occasion also count for having a good seasoning. As cooking is not an exact science and getting to an optimal point in food preparation is a trial-error matter, defining the right or the best seasoning takes time and experimentation to register the quantity of an ingredient, the harvesting condition of vegetables, the cookware that should be used and the materials that cookware should be made of, all in order to achieve the optimal point for the ideal organoleptic characteristics of the recipe.

Cooking well can mean having the knowledge and the strict application of the instructions for a recipe. On the other hand, cooking with good seasoning is a talent, a willingness to try, change, re-make and balance the taste of the ingredients, passing from good to great. It requires a knowledge of the food and the ingredients in their natural, mixed and cooked states and the environmental conditions for getting the best of and from them. It is an art that requires a patient cultivation  and, like all great art, demands passion.

In restaurants, of course, the administration of resources and the sense of efficiency are also important, but quality is the best you can always offer. It cannot be sacrificed if you want to achieve the ultimate goal of any good service: satisfied customers. That’s why here, at Dodo’s Chicken, we do take our time to prepare our recipes and have accumulated 30 years of knowledge and experimentation to make sure you get the best from us: delicious chicken, with the right seasoning.