What Is The Best Charcoal For Grilling Meat And Other Foods?

What Is The Best Charcoal For Grilling Meat And Other Foods?

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There are two types of carbon: mineral carbon and vegetable carbon. Mineral coal is currently in disuse due to the high impact of pollution it represents despite the fact that there are still industries that exploit and use it.

This type of Coal used to be used in kitchens, cisco picón braziers, and ancient means of transportation thanks to its high carbon content and the durability of the ember.

For barbecues and grills, it is not very precious since the vegetable charcoal impregnates and enhances the flavor of the food, a precious characteristic that the mineral does not achieve.

For stretcher table braziers, cisco charcoal and cisco picón were used. The cisco picón is generally obtained from the pruning of agricultural trees and it helped to ignite the carbon cisco, denser than the first.

The best Charcoal for grilling and other types of barbecue is Vegetable.

Charcoal. This type of coal allows us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12% globally. It is obtained artificially by subjecting wood and plant remains to temperatures between 400º and 800º C in prepared ovens and in the absence of air (vacuum).

In this way, charcoal with a high carbon content is obtained, but not all woods and methods obtain the same result. Some characteristics of the woods used in the production of Charcoal influence: Notes of Flavor, calorific value, and durability.

That is why it is important to know well the Coal that you are going to use in your recipes and roasts.

The most precious charcoal for grilling meat and barbecue.

Because not all charcoals are the same, we detail which are the best for grilling, smokers, and barbecues. The most desired: Oak, oak, beech, walnut, maple, and fruit trees.

Oak charcoal

A luxury that any category steakhouse knows well. Oak charcoal is a highly aromatic type of charcoal, which is why it is the most desired. It is obtained by subjecting oak wood to 500ºC in the absence of air.

It is so precious that not only oak charcoal is used, but also oak wood shavings with which to further intensify the aromatic notes that impregnate and enhance the flavor of the roasted food.

As for chips, a few years ago the demand for oak chips from whiskey barrels increased thanks to the combination aroma obtained in the process of making the liquor.

Wood is better for grilling.

The wood intensifies the flavor notes that it brings to the food much more (but it involves more work) Wood from fruit trees such as oak, olive, lemon, and orange are the special woods favored by amateurs and professionals.

They are hardwoods with high aromatic content and each one of them contributes its distinctive touch to the flavor of your recipe. The most common thing when grilling in a group is to use oak charcoal and wood chips to taste for smoking.

Another advantage offered by this method is that you can choose between flame and ember. This type of wood for cooking provides a stable and aromatic flame, which after burning provides a long-lasting ember that maintains its aromatic property.


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