What is the favorite empanada in Colombia?

What is the favorite empanada in Colombia?

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Finding just one reason why we love empanadas is like figuring out why we all love avocado. There is no single reason. Colombians carry empanadas in tradition, mind, and heart. Social networks are flooded with memes, phrases, and images about the love we feel for empanadas and it is not an exaggeration. Empanadas changed our lives!

That toasted corn dough, stuffed with potatoes, stew, and other delicious ingredients, can only be achieved with the touch and seasoning of Colombian cuisine and the way they are prepared in different varieties.

There are many varieties of empanadas: according to their size, fillings, accompaniments, preparations. All delicious, but we are eager to know which is the favorite empanada in Colombia. Let’s find out!

Church or chubby?
From end to end: church empanadas have their name for being tiny, super toasted, and filled with just potato and stew. While you fill them, they reach the size of the palm of your hand and have different ingredients, according to taste.

Meat or chicken?
Enjoying that toasted pastry only with potato and stew was not enough. Colombians began to add different ingredients between meats, vegetables, and accessories according to the customs of each region. The basic additives: meat or chicken. There are even those who combine them to enjoy all the flavor of the filling of the traditional empanada.

With chili or lemon?
The flavor of the corn, the seasoned stew, and the roasted dough are not enough. We love to bring out those flavors with sauces, pickles, and minced meat. Among the guacamole, the pink sauce, the pineapple jam, and the onion and tomato mince, there are the kings of the companions of the Colombian empanada: the chili pepper and the lemon. They are an indisputably delicious couple!

Potato or rice?
There is only one thing better than the toasted dough of the empanada: the filling. The traditional potato with stew has been the pioneer and number one in all its presentations and varieties, but the rice empanada came to win many faithful and a few detractors. Both are prepared with a well-seasoned stew and ground beef.

Traditional or mergers?
In Colombian gastronomy, we love to try, create and mix ingredients. We have found many kinds of dish fusion empanadas: cheese empanadas, vegetarian, with bacon and cornstarch, with beans, stuffed with a tamale, fish, seafood, and an infinity of fillings that you could not imagine. The traditional potato pie and stew can never be removed from its throne. But we cannot deny that all the fusions lead us to discover much more of this traditional flavor.

There is nothing that beats the feeling of enjoying a freshly made empanada, with the toasted dough, the stew that still burns, and that flavor that makes our hearts happy. The empanada became the favorite snack of all Colombians and it was adapted to each of the gastronomic customs of the different regions of the country.

By varying its size, filling, ingredients, preparation methods, and accompaniments, this corn wrap became the queen of Colombian cuisine. So much so that we can see everywhere, images of love towards this delight with phrases such as: «Money does not buy happiness. But he buys empanadas … and that’s the same »And how right they are!

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