What is the Venezuelan Tequeños and what is their history

What is the Venezuelan Tequeños and what is their history

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Tequeño is a traditional Venezuelan food and is one of the main appetizers in Venezuelan festivals. A party in Venezuela without tequeños and meatballs is not a party.

Origin and History of Tequeño in Venezuela
There are several versions of the origin of tequeño in Venezuela, but the most popular and well-known comes from the city of Los Teques, in the state of Miranda.

At the end of the 14th century, in Los Teques, a cook began to make a new food in a cylindrical shape with the remaining pastry dough. To this new preparation, soft white cheese is added in the form of a stick and then it is fried, giving rise to the famous Venezuelan tequeño. In honor of this cook from the city of Los Teques, the name of Tequeño arises.

In the 14th century, Los Teques was an exclusive area for vacations for the wealthiest families in Caracas, where the already known tequeño was served as an accompaniment to the main dish, in some cases sugar was sprinkled on them.

Types of Tequeños in Venezuela
The traditional tequeño and king of the parties have semi-hard white cheese, but today, there are different types of fillings and combinations.

There are tequeños made with different types of cheeses, such as yellow or hard, in addition, there are sausages or gourmet tequeños, filled with Roquefort cheese and bacon, spinach, and ricotta, pesto and white cheese, baked dried tomato and goat cheese. , among others.

There are also sweet types, which can be filled with chocolate, Nutella, dulce de leche, or guava.

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