Why is Chicken so Good ?

Why is Chicken so Good ?

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The wonderful aroma of chicken stimulates your appetite. The natural smell of such a juicy meat is enriched by the spices used to complement its taste, which is one of the best and most versatile ones in the cuisine from all over the world. Chicken is one of the options most people prefer, as it is easy to get, there are multiple possibilities and recipes to prepare it and its price is usually affordable.

Chicken matches well with salads, with French fries, with corn, with ketchup… even with honey! Roasted and broasted chicken are part of the popular culture in many countries, and it is so good that children, who usually are very selective concerning what they want to eat, love chicken in most of its variety of presentations, among which roasted and brasted chicken are clearly preferred.

In the case of Dodo´s Chicken, the Colombian seasoning makes chicken something really special. We cook it with our secret procedure, and match it with potatoes, corn, smashed plantain (“patacones”, which are simply delicious) and traditional Colombian corn cakes (we know them as “arepas”). But we have lots of other options for eating chicken and enjoy it as much as we do when we are preparing it.

In terms of nutrition, chicken is a very complete food. Chicken breast, for instance, has a low fat content, provides proteins and minerals and helps you build up muscle. Chicken is also low in bad colesterol. It is good for heart health and helps you loose weight. Its protein content (which is also remarkable in eggs) stimulates your immune system, lowers your stress and its calcium content is great for your bones.

Chicken is great, from any point of view, depending, of course, on how you prepare it. But in Dodo´s Chicken you can enjoy a great dish with the best ingredients and the healthiest and best nutritional content and taste. Don´t miss it, and visit us soon!